About Djaty

Our Story

Djaty officially launched in 2018. Based in Cairo, Egypt, and registered in Delaware, US.

The company was co-founded by Mahmoud Mouneer, Abdulrahman Elsayed, and Abdulrahman Fakhrany in 2017.

What is Djaty?

Djaty is a SaaS solution, it can be defined as an error tracking and reporting tool, that currently supports full-stack on web applications. It provides a complete solution for testing, error tracking, reporting, and error fixing.

We make tester's and developer's jobs easier, by allowing both ends to focus more on the smart tasks. Djaty automates bug reporting and prevents developers from recreating the bug or wasting time on any other unnecessary process.


The Value &
Social impact

Djaty as a social impact is building a new error tracking culture and involving the community in it, by providing our code as open-source software.

In just a few words, Djaty helps in getting more value from the existing workforce.

Djaty addresses application failure instances, which are the most critical from an end-user’s perspective.

Implementing data collection this way means that Djaty has successfully found a way to enable data collection without having to install separate agent technology on the end-user’s device. Another benefit of this approach is that it occurs during application development, staging, testing, beta, and production, which shifts left the benefits of Djaty. By being a product that supports the complete lifecycle.

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