Djaty Browser Extension

Djaty browser extension is a tester tool to track, submit tickets and take screenshots.


Download Djaty browser extension from the: Chrome Web Store


Activate Djaty browser extension for your application

You need to be authenticated with Djaty first so an authentication popup may appear. Then, follow the below steps:

  • You can allow Djaty browser extension on a specific domain in multiple ways:

    As a prerequisite, you need to be attached to a project on Djaty dashboard More details

    • You can add the specific domain as allowed domain through the dashboard

      • Go to target project on Djaty dashboard
      • Go to project settings
      • Go to allowed domains tab
      • You can add your specific domain direct (follow domain tips before adding it.)
      Add Allowed Domain
    • You can add the specific domain as allowed domain through the extension

      • Open target domain then click on the extension icon
      The extension allows domain notification
      • Select the project where the domain of the current page will be allowed (The project list is the projects owned by the current user)

After opening extension you will be able to track errors on the current domain and we will notify you with them and you can create a ticket or ignore this error.

Create a project through the Djaty dashboard

  • You can create your own project.
Create a project
  • You can be a member of someone else project.

Create a ticket

You can submit tickets to your project (Or your favorite ticket manager) in different ways

  • When clicking on this button (toolbar)

    Start Drawing
    • You can annotate on the screen and add your comments.
    Annotate before ticket submission
    • The ticket submission form will appear
    Submit Button
    • Fill ticket form then click submit
    Ticket Creation Modal
  • When an error occurs, a notification is displayed with a submit button to create a ticket

    Error Notification
    • Fill ticket form then click submit
    Ticket Creation Modal

Attach a screenshot, comment and new timeline of user activities to an existing ticket

The user can add comment, screenshot and new timeline to an existing ticket:

  • Open ticket creation modal
Ticket Creation Modal
  • Choose Existing Ticket tab
Select Project
  • Select project from the project dropdown
Search In Project Tickets
  • Start a search in existing tickets per project by ticket name
Select Existing Ticket
  • After selecting a ticket, user can add a comment, send the current screenshot or attach the activities timeline of the current user session
Add Comment To Existing Ticket
  • A ticket will be created and attached to the selected existing one.

Ignore error

When an error occurs, a notification is displayed and you can ignore it. Ignoring an error prevents its notification from being displayed again but keeps tracking it at the activities timeline of the current user session.

Error Notification
  • After click on ignore the error, we will show all tracked errors and you can ignore anyone you need.
Ignore Errors Modal

Change namespace

By default, if the current user has multiple projects on different namespaces (Owns projects and a member in others) and all those projects are allowed on the domain of the current page, only the owned projects are displayed at all project list dropdowns at ticket creation, adding a comment to an existing ticket or ticket panel. To change the default namespace, follow the following steps:

  • Click on options button/Hover on options button then click on Configuration
Configuration Button Configuration Button
  • A dropdown with all available namespaces for the current user is displayed.
Toggle between namespaces
  • When you change the namespace, all project list dropdowns will be updated with its projects

Unignore ignored errors

When a user ignores some errors using Djaty extension, the error notifications will not appear anymore. So, if you need to be notified with them again, you can un-ignore them through the following:

  • Click on options button/Hover on options button then click on Configuration
Configuration Button Configuration Button
  • Show tab Ignored errors
Ignored Errors List
  • You have all ignored errors.
  • Select ignored errors and un-ignore them.

Change tracking privacy options

A user can change tracking privacy options. By default, Djaty tracks everything with the full mode which is recommended on testing environments. On production, the user can select the default mode to ignore sensitive data.


To be able to automatically adjust the configuration based on the environment, please integrate with the Djaty JS SDK and programmatically detect the environment and set the mode accordingly. See JS SDK Configuration for more details.

Configuration Button Configuration Button
  • Show tab Privacy Options
Privacy Options

Dealing with existing Djaty Javascript SDK

By default, Djaty extension operates with the default configuration (mode: full, allowAutoSubmission: false) More details And when a user changes the configuration through Djaty configuration modal this configuration will be applied always. But If Djaty Javascript SDK exists, the browser extension will operate with the configuration of the JS SDK and ignore its own configuration and you will be unable to change it through extension configuration modal.

Tickets Panel

  • A user can see tickets and its comments for a specific project from extension tickets panel
Tickets Panel Button
  • A user can toggle between projects
Tickets Panel Tickets List
  • A user can open ticket details
Tickets Panel Open Ticket
  • A user can search on tickets on the selected project
Tickets Panel Search

Minimize Djaty extension

  • A user can fully hide Djaty by clicking on the Djaty icon from the Chrome bar. In case Djaty Javascript SDK exists, it will continue auto reporting
  • A user can minimize the Djaty toolbar by clicking on its Djaty logo
Click on the logo to minimize extension Extension minimized

Drag extension anywhere in web view

User can drag extension through the web view through

Dragging Button