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Don't leave the browser tab

Annotate your app -> take a screenshot -> submit a ticket to your favorite project or issue manager "Jira, Gitlab,..", ALL within the same browser tab!

Blackout sensitive data, if you are submitting an issue from the live app.

The annotations you add are all numbered for easy referencing in comments.

Combine with the browser emulator to test your app responsive features!

Test your app on different devices and screen sizes.

The extension is optimized to be used while running the browser emulator.

Once you submit the ticket, the developer will know which device model and OS you were using.



Track Code Issues

By default, we will track any code issues and notify you to review & submit a ticket.

We already got all the data the developer need to start fixing the bug “browser details, timeline of events, logs, exceptions,...” from the browser.

You can ignore errors as well if it is a low priority issue.

View original lines of exception stacktraces. See source map support for details.

Track what happened in your servers as well!

Simply install our backend SDK in your server and we will show a connected timeline for the user flow in the browser and well into the server.

No more lengthy talks to describe what you were doing, The developer already know what happened exactly!

Isn't awesome :)



Quickly track the tickets you submitted before, still from the same tab!

Secure by default!

Are you trying to submit an issue from the live app? Djaty by default will avoid tracking passwords, emails, credit card information,...

Create your tickets safely without worrying about leaking production data.


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