Straightforward installation!

Include and configure the Djaty Javascript SDK
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <title>My Website</title>
    <!-- We need to include it first in the page to early detect any error. Don't worry it's optimized for minimal overhead! -->
    <script src="" djaty-api-key="[YOUR API KEY HERE]"></script>
    <h1>Hello World!</h1>
That's it! Now whenever a bug occurs or a file fails to load, we will ping you. You can install with npm or bower as well.
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Whatever the framework you use or don't use, we got you covered.

Go back in history to see what happened as if you are live debugging it
See what happened back then as if you are live debugging!

See all logs.

Preview the objects you logged in detail, as if you are viewing it in the browser console!

File load errors.

Ajax calls "type, request params, timing, cookies,..".

Navigation between your app views.

Exception Stacktraces.

View original lines of exception stacktraces. See source map support for details.

Know the Context
Know the Context

Track which release the issue first occurred in.

User Id.

The environment, “TEST, STAG, PROD,..”.

Browser details, screen resolution, cookies, local storage,...

Device name, model,...

Custom data. You can submit additional data to help you with fixing the issue “think business logic data, ex: user role policies, organization,...”.

Secure By Default
Secure By Default

All data sent are secure against eavesdropping, we use SSL.

By default, we strip passwords, credit card, emails,.. To avoid leaking sensitive data.

You can customize what you track to further fine-tune it by adjusting the config for each tracker.

You can write a method to filter any data before it's sent to our server.

Still if you are in a testing environment, you can enable all trackers to get better visibility.

And The Extra Awesome Features!
And The Extra Awesome Features!

Install the backend SDK you choose and get a connected timeline, linking what happened in the frontend with the backend!

It's opensource, feel free to review & contribute. Check it out

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