Installation is as easy as ABC!

Install the Djaty NodeJS SDK
npm i @djaty/djaty-nodejs
Configure the SDK
const djaty = require('@djaty/djaty-nodejs')
djaty.init({apiKey: '[YOUR PUBLIC KEY]', apiSecret: '[YOUR PRIVATE KEY]'})
That's it! Now whenever a bug occurs, we will ping you.
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We currently support Express or any Express-based framework

Go back in history to see what happened as if you are live debugging it
See what happened back then as if you are live debugging!

See the incoming request details "type, query params, cookies,..".

All logs.

Preview the objects you logged in detail as if you are viewing it in the browser console!

Exception Stacktraces.

Know the Context
Know the Context

Track which release the issue first occurred in.

User Id for the user initiating the request.

The environment, “TEST, STAG, PROD,..”.

Server machine IP.

Custom data. You can submit additional data to help you with fixing the issue “think of business logic data, ex: user role policies, organization,...”.

And The Extra Awesome Features!
And The Extra Awesome Features!

Install the Javascript SDK and get a connected timeline, linking what happened in the frontend with the backend!

It's opensource, feel free to review & contribute. Check it out

Just an additional point because we love odd numbers

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