Djaty is intended to connect testers and end users on one side with developers on the other side. Giving them an easy and uniform way to communicate will make your life much easier and that's exactly what we strive to do!

For the Developer: He simply need a high-quality bug report that he can use to start immediately fixing the bug & waste no time in communications.

For The Tester: He needs to be able to quickly create tickets with the required data without wasting too much time between different applications or remember every detail he should include.

For The End User: You shouldn't teach him the proper way to report bugs! Instead, we should automatically capture the bug he encountered and start immediately resolving it, even before he tries to report!

For Developers

Get the right information from your users and QA team
Get the right information from your users and QA team.

Track the frontend only, the backend only or track both and see the user flow in a single connected timeline!

In live systems, we automatically submit any bug occurrence and notify you without any user action, so you can start fixing the issue as soon as possible.

In test environments, when a tester creates a ticket for a bug he/she found using our browser extension, we collect the contextual data and timeline of events leading to the issue from both the frontend and backend & associate it with the ticket!

Do you have a UI issue, we allow the tester to submit an annotated screenshot. No more vague descriptions.

We help you during development and once your application goes live!

Currently Supported Platforms:

And as per your request, we are currently preparing SDKs for Java, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Go back in history to see what happened as if you are live debugging it
Go back in history to see what happened as if you are live debugging it!

See all logs.

Preview the objects you logged from the frontend or the backend in detail, as if you are viewing it in the browser console!

File load errors.

Ajax calls "type, request params, timing, cookies,..".

Exception Stacktraces.

Navigation between your app views.

Many more, check the SDK docs for the relevant platform you use.

JavaScript source map files

Upload sourcemap files to allow Djaty to de-obfuscate your JavaScript stack traces. This lets you view source code context obtained from stack traces in their original untransformed form, which is particularly useful for debugging minified code (e.g. UglifyJS), or transpiled code from a higher-level language (e.g. TypeScript, ...). See source map support for details.

Know the Context
Know the Context.

Track which release the issue first occurred in.

User Id.

The environment, “TEST, STAG, PROD,..”.

Browser details, screen resolution, cookies, local storage,...

Device name, model,...

Custom data. You can submit additional data to help you with fixing the issue “think business logic data, ex: user role policies, organization,...”.

Many more, check the SDK docs for the relevant platform you use.

Get notified at the right moment
Get Notified at the Right Moment.

Immediately when a new bug occurs! You don't even need the user to report it.

When the number of affected users increase significantly.

When you have a regression. A bug you solved before is appearing in newer releases.

You will get an email, slack notification,... We will use the method you like the most!

Many more, check the SDK docs for the relevant platform you use.

Manage the lifecycle of the bug
Manage the lifecycle of the bug.

We track all affected users and occurrences.

Still we will not show you data for hundreds of occurrences, instead we sample if for you to remove repetition & make it easy for you to analysis and digest.

When the same line and column of code generate several bugs each with different stack traces, you will be able to see them under same URL, we will not create a bug for every occurrence and create a miss for you! A bug tracker should be smart.

Track the release.

Whenever a bug reoccurs, we automatically reopen it and notify you.

For Testers

Easily Track User Interface Issues
Easily Track User Interface Issues.

Use our browser extension to annotate your app -> take a screenshot -> submit a ticket to your favorite project or issue manager "Jira, Gitlab,..", ALL within the same browser tab!

Track UI issues on different devices on the browser emulator, ensure your app responsive features are functioning properly.

Blackout sensitive data, if you are submitting an issue from the live app.

The annotations you add are all numbered for easy referencing in comments.

Search the issues you created before & track their progress.

Track Code Issues
Track Code Issues.

You clicked a button in your app and got no response, our extension detected that already! click submit to create a ticket & assign it.

We already got all the data the developer needs to start fixing the bug “browser details, timeline of events, logs, exceptions,...” from both the browser and the server.

You can ignore errors if it is a low priority issue.

No more lengthy talks to describe what you were doing!

Djaty vs Old Methods to Create Tickets
Save your time!

We have built Djaty from scratch to help us save our time in our daily work. We - like you - have much more important stuff to do in our lives than mundane work!

For The End User

Happy Users

When your app goes live, your users don't even need to report any bug they face, once it occurs we will automatically notify you with all the bug details you need to take the required action.

It's really stupid to wait for the user to report the bug to you. Most of them will not report anything and you will be losing them to competitors!

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