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Automate your bug reporting process to Save time, Reduce software development cost and Improve product quality

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Give your team members an easy way to report and fix bugs and capture production errors

Automate bug reporting, auto collect production errors, and allow the Dev team to fix issues without bug reproducing

Manual testing

Make your bug reports, Standard, contextual and less time consuming.

Whether you can speak English or not you still can report using Djaty. Reporting using Djaty will allow you to save the bug reporting time, standardize all your bug reports, and the most important benefit is that the developer won’t reach you again for extra context or information about the bug.

It provides a contextual feedback and collects the technical insights along with the backend timeline to resolve bugs faster and more efficiently.

Developers and Bug fixers

Receive production errors and fix bugs without bug reproducing or investigating

Reproducing edge cases is always an issue and knowing about production errors are even harder. Djaty makes it easier to capture and fix those errors. Djaty informative bug reports contains enough information that’ll allow the developer to fix the bug without the need to reproduce or ask for extra context about the bug from the tester.

  • No skills required. All warnings, errors and logs are displayed in the bug by default.
Design review

Review the design, and share your decisions in seconds

Using the wrong tools to report issues can be painful for everyone. Don't let the details you designed with love get lost in development.

With Djaty's browser extension, you’ll be able to screenshot, hide and annotate on your design reports within seconds.

Standard bug reports, quality products, and less costly software products

Ship quality code in less time.

Ease of use

Literally anyone can use Djaty, no specific language nor technical requirements needed.

No more bug reproducing

All the information needed to fix the bug is already available in the report.

Integrate with your fav tool

Send the report directly to your favorite issue tracker Jira, GitLab, and Azure DevOps among others.

Happy customers make all the difference!

Why do you like Djaty?

"The main thing that I like about Djaty is that since we started using it, we never recreate a bug again. It's super efficient"

Pentavalue Abdulazeem M.

"We're very happy with Djaty. The tool is easy to use, the tickets and bugs are resolved faster in efficient way."

Community of Babel M. Bakry

"By improving our developing process, we speed up the time it takes us to turn around changes and improve our website."

Ondustrial Magdy Galal

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