Developer Features

For Developers

We are developers like you. We want to minimize the time wasted to communicate with your testers and end users to get more details about issues. You should focus only on quickly resolving the bug.

Track the user flow in the frontend & see it connected with backend logs in a single timeline!

We help you during the development phase by getting detailed bug reports from your testers along with annotated screenshots. Once you go live we automatically track any bug that your end users face.

Track contextual data, ex: userId, browser type and version, server IP,... You can also send custom contextual data whenever a bug occurs to help you resolve the issue.

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Our Goal is to Help You Quickly Detect Bugs and Find The Root Cause to Fix It!

Tester Features

For Testers

Testing your app shouldn't be a painful experience.

Take a screenshot & annotate & create a ticket, ALL from the same tab you use to test your app using our browser extension. No need to switch between different browsers tabs.

When a bug occurs, we will submit all logs & contextual data "browser, URL,..." so you won't waste time specifying it.

Track progress of the tickets you submitted before while testing the app, no need to switch context to see ticket progress.

We integrate with many issue trackers so you can submit to your existing one directly.

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