Bug reporting made easy for everyone

Collect feedback from your team and clients to improve product quality reducing software development costs

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Give your non-technical team members an easy way to report issues

No more nonsense or lengthy exchanges to fix bugs.

For testers

Automate all the bug reporting steps and get your job done quicker

Djaty fully automates the bug reporting process. During development, the product will allow testers to focus on the smart tasks and leave the boring ones to Djaty.

It provides a contextual feedback and collects the technical insights along with the backend timeline to resolve bugs faster and more efficiently.

Client feedback

Share your feedback in an automated contextual report as quickly as the Flash

Djaty makes it easier for clients to report a full professional feedback with just two clicks. The tool automatically collect technical insights to help engineers understands and fix bugs faster.

  • No skills required. All warnings, errors and logs are displayed in the bug by default.
Design review

Review the design, and share your decisions in seconds

Using the wrong tools to report issues can be painful for everyone. Don't let the details you designed with love get lost in development.

With Djaty's browser extension, you’ll be able to screenshot, hide and annotate on your design reports within seconds.

Share feedback & report bugs in moments

Get All the Context You Need to Know About Each Bug.

Ease of use

Literally anyone can use Djaty, no technical requirements needed.

Connected timeline

Frontend and Backend errors are traced back to the line of code caused it.

Multiple personas

Verify your designs, content, report an issue or invite guests.

Happy customers make all the difference!

Why do you like Djaty?

"The main thing that I like about Djaty is that since we started using it, we never recreate a bug again. It's super efficient"

Pentavalue Abdulazeem M.

"We're very happy with Djaty. The tool is easy to use, the tickets and bugs are resolved faster in efficient way."

Community of Babel M. Bakry

"By improving our developing process, we speed up the time it takes us to turn around changes and improve our website."

Ondustrial Magdy Galal

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